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Strong Motion Monitor


I own app to Strong Motion Monitor the site found in the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan.The URL hard-coded, such as might not see the site design changes.Notification has been modified to send the earthquake occurrence of new Strong Motion Monitor site.There notification sound in the first report, will be sent without notification sound in the final report.
In the menu button, settings / screen shots / image sharing / display history.In the settings, items that can be set are:• Sleep off enable / disable• Notification enable / disable• Background map white / black• Main(Left) map type settings• Sub(Right) map type settings• Server synchronization offset time• Strong motion monitoring server selection
Portrait screen display during operation the following is possible.• At the slide bar in the lower-left corner, past data up to 1 hour show• In the slider bar left or right button (also on hold can be varied continuously) move data before and after the second (previous monitor is 2 seconds)• When showing past data return to the current time data show in the bottom right button press
It can be changed tha map type by the swipe.A screenshot image stores into "/sdcard/data/net.hirozo.KiKNetViewPkg/".